A Walk



by George Pilling


This book explores various neighborhoods in Visalia, the history of some buildings, and the trees.  Full color photographs on every page.

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My friend Brian Newton found some mistakes in the text which I list below with corrections. most of these errors are fixed in the hardback version second printing. There are also many changes to houses, landscapes, trees, etc. which I have not noted here - life goes on...

Page 1. Evans Ditch is north of Howard where it goes under Watson St. It turns south after the first house, then west again south of Howard. A branch continues south and creates the "hump" on Paradise Avenue.

Page 3. First picture. This is a loquat tree, not a kumquat. (Mistake found by Lee Schumacher.)

Page 22. The Visalia Post Office opened in 1933.

Page 26. The artist who painted the Read for Life mural is Colleen Mitchell-Veyna. My sincere apologies to the artist.

Page 29. The College of the Sequoias moved to N. Mooney Blvd. in 1939. (Mistake found by Alan George.)

Page 59. The captions on the two pictures at the top of the right column are reversed.

Page 63. The College of the Sequoias campus on Mooney Blvd. opened in 1939.

Page 64. Last paragraph. The tree is a Pin Oak, not a Silver Maple. The description is correct.

I welcome any corrections - The second printing incorporates most of the changes above.